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Box MS290.01


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MS 290 - Sitting Bull Ledger Drawings Research Collection

 Collection — Box: MS290.01
Identifier: MS 290
Abstract This collection contains supporting documentation acquired from Dr. Robert Anderson of Portland, Oregon regarding the Sitting Bull Ledger Drawings. The ledger drawings referenced in this collection were done by Sitting Bull in 1882 during the time he was held as prisoner of war at Fort Randall in the Dakota Territories. The drawings were sold or traded for goods to Mr. Charles Pratt a Post Trader, the drawings were then given to G. H. Pettinger. Those drawings are now part of the collection...
Dates: Other: Date acquired: 01/01/1970

4 black & white photographs of various sizes mounted on cardboard backing and 1 black & white photograph copy; taken by W.R. Cross, Niobrara, Nebraska

 File — Box: MS290.01, Folder: 290.01.02
Identifier: Folder 290.01.02
Scope and Contents

P.290.1.1 2x3¾ “Cheyenne Indian”, 1880 P.290.1.2 5x7 enlarged copy of “Cheyenne Indian”, Cheyenne chief written on back of copy P.290.2.1 3¼x41/8 “Spotted Tails Camp on Ponca”, (stereo card) P.290.3.1 3¾x6¾ “Sitting Bull held prisoner of war Ft. Randall, D.T. P.290.4.1 3¼x4 1/8 “Pyramid Park known as “Bad Lands” D.T. scenery”, “Northern Pacific Railroad Extension”, includes more descriptive text, (stereo card)

Dates: Other: Date acquired: 01/01/1970

8 miscellaneous photographs & 1 negative:

 File — Box: MS290.01, Folder: 290.01.03
Identifier: Folder 290.01.03
Scope and Contents P.290.5.1 7¼x8¾ “Pratt family & home at Fort Randall S. Dak” P.290.6.1 3¼x4 1/8 “One Bull and Black Prairie Chicken”, includes more descriptive text, copyright 1882 by Bailey, Dix & Mead, (stereo card) P.290.6.2 5x7 enlarged copy of “One Bull and Black Prairie Chicken” P.290.7.1 7½x10 no text, (large Indian village of tepees near a river) P.290.8.1 4¾x7½ no text, (a town near a river and hills), photo taken over label that possibly reads; W.R. Ketchum Photographer Yankton...
Dates: Other: Date acquired: 01/01/1970


 File — Box: MS290.01, Folder: 290.01.04
Identifier: Folder 290.01.04
Scope and Contents MS290.01.04.01 - A typed letter from the University of Oregon, Museum of Natural History, August 30, 1941 to Mrs. G.H. Pettinger concerning the shipping return of the collection via auto freight. MS290.01.04.02 - A typed letter from Randall S. Pratt, Portland, Oregon, August 3, 1964 to the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. concerning requests of copies of collection publications. MS290.01.04.03 - A copy of a document type written by Mrs. Sarah Evans that explains her acquisition of...
Dates: Other: Date acquired: 01/01/1970

10 Newspaper clippings:

 File — Box: MS290.01, Folder: 290.01.05
Identifier: Folder 290.01.05
Scope and Contents MS290.01.05.01 - Newspaper photo clipping with text: “Medicine Man-Chief Sitting Bull Sioux leader” MS290.01.05.02 - News article by Dale Harrison, New York, Tuesday Dec. 17, (The article, written fifty years after the death of Sitting Bull discussing the circumstances that surrounded his life and his death) MS290.01.05.03 - News article, “Custer’s Last Stand is Told Again”, Charles A Windolph died at 98, he claimed to be a survivor of “Custer’s Last Stand”. MS290.01.05.04 - News article,...
Dates: Other: Date acquired: 01/01/1970

Labels for Ledger Drawings

 File — Box: MS290.01, Folder: 290.01.06
Identifier: Folder 290.01.06
Scope and Contents MS290.01.06.01 - Cardboard label for display of Sitting Bull ledger drawing collection done in 1882 at Fort Randall in Dakota Territory MS290.01.06.02 - Copy of certified document stating that the ledger drawings were done by Sitting Bull while he was a prisoner of war at Fort Randall in Dakota Territory and sold or traded to Charles Pratt, Post Trader. Notarized November 9, 1925 MS290.01.06.03 - Typed statement of collection information stating the ledger drawings were sold or traded to...
Dates: Other: Date acquired: 01/01/1970